Ronaldinho. 10 short stories about life of the player

10 short stories about life of the player, who gave happy childhood to the millions of people and made many people love football

It’s impossible to draw a bright line under the Ronaldinho’s career. Though looking at his career, such a final would be the most suitable. Maestro spent two years without a contract, so the announcement about his formal retirement was not surprising. De-facto Ronnie tied up with football  a long time ago.

However, those few years that he was on the  field, wedged in the memory of everyone who saw his game. Ronaldinho carried football illness all over the world. He is terminally ill with this game and in those years he infected millions of people, who weren’t interested in football. And they loved him not only for tricks and magic strikes. There are a few facts from the life of the wizard, who was the symbol of that football, not yet bogged down in commerce at that time.

His brother’s example

Ronaldinho always said that he started playing football in accordance with the example of his brother. Roberto Gaushu astonished his younger brother with his technique and speed. Sometimes he went out into the yard and asked his brother to count how many times he could strike the ball with different parts of his body. The fun could last for hours.  Roberto’s career was ruined by his terrible knee injury – he made his way to the youth team of Brazil, but he couldn’t reach the high level  anymore. It’s good that the family had a house, gifted by “Gremio”, for which Roberto played.

When Ronaldinho was eight, his father died of a heart attack in the pool. Ron recalls him  every day. “I would like my father to be alive and see who I’ve become.” He told his friends: “Do you think that Roberto is the best football player in our family? No. He is the best! “- Dad was pointing at me. And his father used to repeat: “One day he will be the world champion.”

23 goals in one match

At the age of 13 Ronnie was  shown on Tv for the first time. The curly-haired boy sparkled with a snow-white smile before the beginning of the futsal match. But the most interesting things began later. The guy went to the field and just started mocking his co-players. He threw the ball between their legs, threw it over their heads and raced to score. Later there was a note , which explained how one children’s team beat the other one with a score of 23: 0. All goals were scored by one player – Ronaldinho.

“I wanted to be a player, whom the whole world knows. I fantasized how I was handing out autographs, and I was snapped on cameras from all sides. Do you know what I liked most when I scored 23 goals in one game? I immediately became popular”, – he confessed later.

Helps friends in need

The guy was so keen on football that he stopped studying and  played for school , for beach and futsal team instead. And after that, he used to run home, took a ball and played in the yard with a dog. “It was not very technical, but it did not get tired,” – Ron recalled.

he could be transferred to Manchester United

Many people have learned about the generosity of Ronaldinho after he became a star. After the last match for PSG, he ran to the tribune, where the fan was sitting in a wheelchair, and gave him his T-shirt. The video has been popular on YouTube so far.

It is interesting that the Brazilian could have appeared in “Manchester United” instead of Barcelona. Alex Ferguson sent people to Paris to negotiate on signing a contract. But when  “Barcelona” loomed on the horizon, the problem was solved.

“I almost moved to the ” MU “, but when I got a call from Sandro Rosel, all doubts disappeared. I wanted to be the next great “R” in this club. Do you understand? After Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Romario. ”

Ronaldinho never concealed that he was trying to get the maximum pleasure from life.

Sex is one of them.

“I lost my virginity at the age of 13, it was my neighbor, we felt good being together,” he recalled. – In general, Brazilian women are not the most beautiful women in the world, but they always surround you with love. In Barcelona, ​​I used to have sex every night before the game. Some people say it is inappropriate, but not for me. The next day I went in the field feeling happy. ”

the game is all, that’s important

Ronaldinho stood out on the field. Always. And no, it’s not even  his tricks from another dimension or a snow-white smile. The point is  he was so in love with football, that most often he just did not pay attention to what was happening around. Only he and the ball are what is important. In La Liga, he minted the ball and showed tricks while the referee discussed the controversial episodes with the players and handed out the cards for rudeness. In one of the championship matches, when the referee stopped the game, the ball-boy threw a second ball into the field. Most of the players would have knocked him out, but Ronaldinho came up, smiled broadly at all 32, rolled from left to right, threw the ball up and made a pass with the heel back to the boy. That was him.

Ron reacted with a smile even to removals. Do you remember how the American referee showed him the red card in the match of the commercial tournament between “Inter” and “Milan”? Of course, wrongly.

“If you play five hours in a row, you probably do not want to score all the time. I loved the tricks and outplayed my rivals even when I could send the ball into the net. ”

Friendship with Messi

Ronaldinho claims that it was the players of the first team of “Barcelona”, who convinced Frank Rijkaard to take Messi out of the double as soon as possible. Lionel recalled:

Subsequently, the Brazilian became the conductor of Messi in the world of big football. He was looking for a miniature Argentinean with transfers, and then they celebrated together the goals scored. His first goal for  “Barcelona” Leo scored just after the Ronaldinho’s pass.

You do not need to recall, who insisted that the Argentinean take the 10th number after Ron’s departure to Milan ?

Applause at the Bernabeu

Talking about the events of that evening doesn’t make any sense. You’d better  watch the video again, where Ronaldinho mocks over the defense of Real Madrid and receives applause in a hostile stadium. It’s better than any words. But there is something interesting – years later in his autobiography Andres Iniesta told us how the Brazilian motivated the partners before that match.

“A few days before the “classico” Ronaldinho phoned me at night,” says Iniesta. – I picked up the phone and he said: “Andres, I know it’s three o’clock in the morning, but I have to confess something to you. In June, I will leave Barça, my brother reached an agreement with Real Madrid. There’s just unreal money, I can not refuse. You’re young, you’ll understand… But do not tell anyone in the team or club about this. Please do not betray me. I trust you more than anyone else. Good night, Andres. ”

Ronaldinho did not let me  say anything. The next day we were in the training camp, and I felt uncomfortable. The whole team was silent and welcomed Ronaldinho like never before. When the day came, Ronaldinho in the locker room of Santiago Bernabéu told us: “Guys, this is a very important match. It is clear that we are strong, but these days I realized that we are  like a family. I called each of you at night and said that I would leave in June, but no one spoke a word about it. I realized that we would  suffer in solitude rather than betray. I will stay here for a long time. And now let’s go out in the field and show the best we can to this “Real”.


It was Ronaldinho’s philosophy –  catching a buzz in the field and outside. Anytime and anywhere. During his best years he tore rivals at the stadium, and then he went to a night club, where he had fun till morning. Of course, this affected the physical state of the genius. He gradually began to get fat, lost his sharpness and speed. He put all his talent in every movement with the ball. But he stopped understanding that  the game at the highest level requires a lot of work in addition to the talent.

“Exercises are boring,” Ronaldinho admitted. “I have never liked them.” I must be with the ball in the field. But endurance is very important. Therefore, I sacrificed myself and worked, when it was necessary. ”

As a result, it was due to the decline in the physical shape that Roni had to leave Barcelona. The football player, who loved restraining the ball, was not in the plans of Guardiola on tiki-taki construction.


After this career of Ronaldinho went into a decline. There were a few good seasons in Milan, trips to Brazil and Mexico looked like charity tours rather than job of the pros. Ron still sparkled a snow-white smile on dozens of stadiums, sometimes  he passed defense of the opponent on foot only at the expense of false movements, stopped balls, falling from 30 meters with one touch, punched penalty under the wall. But it was only a drop from the pot with the magic elixir of Ronaldinho’s talent, which he spilled during the best years of his career.

Recently, “Barcelona” invited him to the post of the ambassador of the club – the Brazilian was supposed to represent the brand at matches and the official events. The first day in a new place, journalists are waiting for Ronaldinho at the “Camp Nou”  before the game of the championship… But he does not show up.  A couple of hours later he posts photos of himself on the beach in Brazil in social networks. Well, how can you be angry with him for this?

Ron’s career came to an end. Having lost the status of a top-level player, he once said: “I know that I’m ugly, but the thing, I do in the field, fascinates. Every day I kiss the ball and thank God for giving me football.”


We should be happy that football showed us Ronaldinho.


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