Paolo Maldini

Birth place – Milan Italy

Birth date – June 26, 1968

Height – 187 cm

Weight – 85 kg

Achievements :

6- time champion of Italy

3-time  winner of the champion cup

2-time owner of the intercontinental cup

4-time owner of the Super cup of Italy

3-time owner of the Super cup of Europe

 silver and bronze prize-winner in the world championship

Сегодня Паоло Мальдини исполняется 45 лет - изображение 1

Paolo is not just one of the outstanding legends of Milan. He’s been the symbol of this team for almost twenty years. Those have been the greatest years in the club history. Since his childhood he has dreamt about becoming a football player like his father, the notorious Milan’s captain Cezare Maldini. At that time few people could imagine that young Paolo would be able to outperform his father and appear among the famous players, having become one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the world football.

Maldini’s career is an example of the unique and complete success , that is almost impossible to repeat.

Being a son of a legendary father, his fate of a “golden child” has been predictable   since his birth day.

But despite a well-known proverb, he was gifted not only with the famous family name , but also with the unique talent.

All Paolo’s football life, since his early childhood and till now, has been connected with one and only football team, where he has made his way from a junior up to the captain of Milan and the national team.

Such loyalty can rarely be found in football, and it is truly unique for Milan, that has rarely had deep holes in the budget and historically was accustomed to rely on the recruited players rather than engage in the routine education of talented youth.

Moreover, playing for the only team in his life, the football age of Maldini almost exactly coincided with the arrival of the new president Silvio Berlusconi in the club and the associated incredible rise of the team to the heights of world football. Maldini, defending only the colors of his native club, has won everything that no other footballer can even dream of. In his career, there have never been any rises and falls, that could not be avoided by any other player.

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From the youngest years he has steadily walked upward, until he came to the very top, where he has been for more than ten years. Surprisingly he’s never undergone any injuries,  it was a  rare issue for any of his rivals to beat him in martial arts! On the whole we can say that he was born a star, he grew up a star, he became a star and this star seems to burn forever.

On January 20, 1985, Milan’s coach Nils Lindholm puts the talented 16 year old guy in the team for an away match with Udinese (1: 1) and this becomes the debut of the great path of player Paolo Maldini. This game that year became the only one in his career in Serie A, but already from the next season Paolo Maldini firmly conquers his unchallenged place in the base, which has become such for the next almost fifteen years up to the present time!

From now on, the left edge of the defence has found its rightful master, where Maldini managed to achieve perfection , controlling  the whole crook of the field. What is now called the top of the modern game , which very few stars are able to  demonstrate to some extent, Maldini began to show 15 years ago! One of the famous coaches called it the style of the “active flank defender” and “one of the starting points of modern football.

Well, thus, Paolo Maldini can rightfully be considered as one of the forefathers of modern power, speed and universal game. In addition, Maldini feels great even in the center of defense, when for some reason he had to replace another legend – Franco Baresi. “The real talent” – characterizes his game president of Milan Silvio Berlusconi.  The more precise description could hardly be found.

When Maldini just turned 19, he was already invited to the national team, where he played his first match on March 31, 1988 in the match Yugoslavia-Italy (1: 1). At the moment, Maldini holds a record among all the players in Milan for the national team (soon there will  be 100!), But in general this is still the third result in Italian football, and  the record of Dino Zofa in 112 games is not so far away to reach it. Moreover, Paolo Maldini is now the sole record holder among all the players in the history, having played more than anyone else at the world championships for the Italian national team.

Сегодня Паоло Мальдини исполняется 45 лет - изображение 4

He’s got 19 of them. His first game in the rank of a captain of the Italian team he played at the World Cup in the United States in the match Italy-Mexico (1: 1) 6.28.1994. Symptomatic as it was, but most of the memorable debuts of Paolo Maldini, as far as you can see, ended with unsuccessful result, a draw 1: 1, which, however, did not prevent further great gold career. In the national championship also in the near future Maldini will reach the jubilee mark of 400 games for the club. At the moment, this figure for the whole history of it yields only to Jani Rivera (501) and Franco Baresi (473).

Playing for Milan, Maldini became one of the main creators of the super-team of Silvio Berlusconi, who won everything that you can imagine – and along with it, this triumph was rightly shared by Maldini himself. Enumeration of all his achievements can make a whole archive. Maldini is 6 times champion of the country, the winner of 3 Champions Cups, 2 Intercontinental Cups, 3 Super Cups of Europe, 4 Super Cups in Italy…

Few clubs can boast with such great achievements not to mention  players. A year and a half ago, the richest club in the world, the English Manchester United, offered an astronomical sum (about $ 60 million for  Maldini), which far exceeds star transitions of the famous forwards to this day (the record recently established Vieri’s transition to Inter for 50 million $). Maldini could not only increase his fortune, but also write his name in the football history, as the most expensive football player of the planet. However, loyalty to Milan outweighed everything.

Alas, but at the moment, Paolo Maldini has never been destined to taste the golden glory of the World Champion. Three times he stormed this last barrier of stellar glory and all three times he was stopped by an evil fate-  series of penalties. Bronze of the 90th and silver of the 94th is a great achievement for anyone, but not for  Maldini. However, according to Paolo himself, he still doesn’t lose hope to logically complete this precious set with a golden medal at the nearest World Cup. Maldini has a big family. His father Cesare Maldini and mother Maria Luisa have six children. Paolo has two younger brothers (Alessandro and Pierre Cesare) and three elder sisters (Monica, Donatella and Valentina).

In addition to football, he occupies an administrative position in his home club, at leisure he works on TV and is a tv presenter of a music programme with DJ Ringo on Italian Radio 105. He also owns a video game store and is a co-owner of the Hollywood disco-bar, where the  Milan players often celebrate their numerous victories. There is no sense in writing Maldini’s story in detail, because it will almost fully duplicate  the history of the  greatest 15 years of the club in Berlusconi era, when Milan became the best club in the world and beat all conceivable and inconceivable records.




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