Milan – Inter 1:0 (Coppa Italia)

Luciano Spalletti made a decision, which may have long-lasting consequences. The coach of Inter, knowing that on December 30 his team is having the hardest home match of the championship with Lacio,  decided to put on the Milan derby almost the main starting lineup – with Vesino, Perišić, Candreva and Ikardi in the start. I will assume that the “name” of the rival was the reason. Something tells me, meet “Inter” in the cup match with the conditional “Torino”, Spalletti keeps the leaders for the match with “Lacio”.

So many Nerazzurri players will hold  the third match on Saturday in the last eight days. I’m afraid if Inter doesn’t  take three points in the game with Lacio, the team’s tifosis will continue reproaching Spalletti for the decision to chase after two hares. In Rome last season it was like this – with “Roma” Spalletti made a bid simultaneously for both Serie A and the League of Europe. And he did not succeed neither there, nor there. “Milan” also played almost with the optimal squad, only  injured Gigi Donnaruma was an exception.

Instead of the 99th number  his brother, Antonio, played. And the guy who makes a salary in the club at a rate of 1 million euros a year, frankly disappointed everyone. Even if you omit some episodes in which the 90th number hastily melt and nervously played at the outputs / interceptions, the game of Donnaruma Sr. vividly characterizes the episode that happened in the 24th minute. Perišić struck  the gate, but it was Donnaruma who brought the ball into the net.

The reserve goalkeeper was very lucky that judge Marco Guida with the help of the VAR system cancelled this goal, referring to the offside of Ranokkia. The situation is really the most borderline: the central defender of “Inter” did not touch the ball, but, really, could block the Milan goalkeeper’s   viewing angle. That would have been  incredible if Guida had considered it as a goal. This goal grab could have been the fourth for the “Milan” of Gattuso, missed after the draw of the standard.  “Milan” missed the standard in matches before with “Benevento”, “Verona” and “Atalanta”.

You  should have seen the face of Gattuso after the referee’s gesture about cancelling the goal  – it was both miserable and experiencing great relief at the same time. *** By the break, “Milan”  often disturbed the gate of “Inter” rather than on the contrary – Handanovic had to work hard after the blows of Kessie and Bonaventura. But it was noticeable that these blows were the result of random combinations, if not “stupid strike-run”.

I will give a simple example: Ricardo Rodriguez several times kicked the ball into  a penalty “Inter”, as they say, “in the fight,” although he could at least have tried to clean up the first person at the expense of individual actions, move a bit closer and cut the transmission not at random. Just “Milan”, in contrast to the “Inter” is an opportunity to rotate the squad. Regardless of the quality of these performers. Brighter characterization of the game  of “Milan” in the first half is in their receiving a warning at once by two locons of the Rossoneri – Locatelli and Billia.

Of course, this left its imprint on the game of representatives of the center of the field after the break. In general, despite the score 2-2 on scoring chances in the second half (Bonaventura did not hit his head in the empty goal, Suso loaded the ball into the crossbar, João Mariou from the goalkeeper’s line just hit  the goalkeeper, and Perisic’s blow from the profitable position fell in the milk) the game more and more rolled down into gray despondency. Failure  in passing the ball increased literally with every minute; even the substitute Chalkhanoglu failed to make an accurate pass neither from the first attempt, nor from the second.

Neither Gattuso nor Spalletti were interested in additional time (this caused the appearance on the field of Chalkhanoglu and Borja Valero), but the fate of the confrontation had to be solved in overtime. On the 104th minute Suso  beat Nagatomo and handed out from under the Japanese in someone else’s penalty area, and  Cutrone, miraculously avoiding offside, closed. By that time, a third of Inter’s players were barely moving around the field, with their tongues dangling  from fatigue. This was the result of the absence of the notorious rotation, there is no sense to be surprised now.

But! In the summer, “Milan” spent  63 million euros on purchasing forwards, and the winning goal in the derby  was scored by the homegrown. Spalletti took a chance and lost (already the third match in a row!). And with a high probability will not win the next Saturday in a match with “Lacio”. And who is to blame ? As for “Milan” and its fans, I hope that this victory of the Rossoneri will not dust the eyes of the fans of the team, and they won’t consider Gattuso  the new Messiah. Otherwise, “Milan” will have to suffer until the end of the season …


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