Marco Fassone: “the owners used to complain to me often”

In interview to Sky the general director of Milan Marco Fassone tried to explain the decision regarding the replacement of a coach of the first team.

“when you make decisions of this kind, they never bring you joy”, – Fassone replied

“it has been a necessary decision and at the same time painful. There are moments in football, when you have to act, instead of expecting the problems to be solved by themselves”.

“which game happened to be the crucial one? there hasn’t been one. Mirabelli is responsible for the sports arrangement, the sports director has got his own views and beliefs. We waited for a spark but there wasn’t any.”

“we didn’t score even one and a half points per match on average. We suppose it has been the best choice for us and for Montella as well.”

“I talk to the club owners every day, they are the international possessors and want the team to win. They used to complain to me regularly.”

“Mirabelli began to understand that something went wrong”.

“nobody doubts the team’s qualities. It can’t count on Scudetto for now, but it definitely deserves the Champions League”.

“there were  mistakes, some things didn’t work, but I’m sure that from this Sunday we’ll start returning to the right way”.


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