Introducing Gennaro Gattuso as a new coach of Milan

Today in Milanello the press conference was held, dedicated to the appointment of Gattuso as a head coach of the first team, who has replaced Montella.

Fassone: “we both know, me and Mirabelli , what exactly went wrong. We intruded and believe that everything will be ok. This team has great potential, they are able to implement their plans. Gattuso was chosen not because the club has no money. This is just the right choice in the current situation. He is the legend of this club, he works here. Gennaro showed great results with Primavera”.

Fassone about Gattuso: «Gattuso can do without introduction. I have three thoughts about this day: the first one is about Montella. Milan is going through hard times, it was a difficult choice, but we open a new chapter”.

Mirabelli about Gattuso: “he possesses important qualities to convey not only the DNA of Milan but also he’s got his own ideology, that I appreciate very much. Someone may think he’s got no experience. But I believe that he can add something significant”.

Gattuso: “it is an important day. We’ll have to work hard. Working here and training these players is a real pleasure. We’ve got players of 16 nationalities. Average age is very low. They are undergoing changes now. We should do as much as possible.”

Gattuso about current Milan: “we will play using three defenders. We’ll have to follow the concept, demonstrated in Primavera in these months. Methodology will be somewhat different. Vincenzo liked swapping passes and I like it too. But near the opponent’s goal you should play vertically.”

Gattuso about emotions: “I experience the same emotions that I used to as a player. I enter Milanello like paradise. When I see the field, I get a headache. I don’t know what to choose. The structure is just incredible. I regularly get salary. All we need is passion. I love my job.”

Mirabelli about new acquirements: “ not only them, but also the whole team performed below the expected level. We hope that Rino will be able to extract all the best qualities from the team that we know about and use them to get 100% result.”

Mirabelli about the team: “we know that we are quite competitive. It’s too early to assess the results of the  transfer market. We are sure that we have the excellent team. We’ve invested in good players, but they are still young. We have taken into consideration all the risks, time was needed.”

Gattuso about summer purchases: “ this team can give more, we should become one team and go out in the field as a whole. We’ve got to fight, be capable of suffering, be strong. The team needs morale though it’s not sufficient without quality.”

Gattuso about the Champions League: “I don’t look at the standings, I enjoy living in the moment. The match of Benevento should be as if it is the World cup final. You have to be able to change the game, you need self-awareness. To play well in San Siro, you have to be good in everything, a 360 degree turn. These  guys should be inspired. That’s the priority.”

Gattuso about the approach: “it’s a bit humiliating when they talk only about my assertiveness and aggressiveness. My coaching license wasn’t given to me for nothing. I studied to get it. You can not prepare for matches , showing only assertiveness and aggressiveness, you need knowledge. There are a lot of photos in Milanello, Milan is the club with rich history. The respect for rules is required. You should have the feeling of self-sacrifice.”

Gattuso about attack: “everything will depend on the players’ condition. There will be definitely three in defence, four in midfield, the rest is being considered.”

Gattuso about Berlusconi: “I know him pretty well and he calls me sometimes. When I was a player, I used to talk to him often. He is one of the most successful presidents in the club history. We talked about two forwards, about Milan’s DNA. I never pretended to listen to him, because I really listened to him attentively.”

Gattuso about Lee: “he doesn’t speak English. We’ve decided with Fassone to communicate with him in the coming days.”

Gattuso about Kessie: “he is stronger than me, he’s got wilder temper. In addition, he scores more than me. This is the player, who resembles me like nobody else. But I think that now the most important thing for the players is to have the right approach.”

Gattuso on opinions addressed to him: “I have learnt much from bitter experience for all these years. I was gullible and some people, who worked with me at that time, tolerated my misdeeds. I made a mistake on Crete, some people suffered financially due to my fault. It wasn’t that simple in Pisa. I was no longer the man I used to be. I used to reason and think like an amateur. It is a very difficult work. You will hardly understand what I’m talking about unless you are in the field. I like coaching and I think I have talent for this job. I’ve travelled a lot and worked hard to improve myself. I don’t care about someone’s opinions. When I was a young player they called me a duffer, because I played bad two matches in a row. All I’ve achieved was owing to my own efforts. I changed my approach to work. I don’t read the press anymore, because I prefer staying calm and thinking only about my work.”

Gattuso about the coaching bench of Milan: “those, who are acquainted with me, know that I don’t do the calculations. I work in one of the greatest clubs of the world. And I will try to get the most out of this chance. I don’t want to think about tomorrow, I’ll go to a hospital only if I have my head injured.”

Gattuso on the scoring problem: “my story tells you that my teams miss few goals but they score very few goals as well. We are working on this problem. We have prepared something. This is not only a scoring problem , but also it’s more general. In a match with Torino I saw that the team created many opportunities, there was something new on tactical level.”

Gattuso about Andre Silva: “he’s a very talented player. He is in demand in the transfer market, even though he doesn’t do his best now. He should play with the team, sometimes he shows wonderful game but apart from other players.”

Gattuso on the future matches: “there are no easy games in serie A. We have to be ready and take it  seriously.”

Gattuso about Bonucci: “he is the captain and will always be one. I talked to delegation of the team  yesterday and I saw the desire to work. I asked for their involvement and discipline. They were interested. I’ve always stood up for my friends. The players should help each other.”

Gattuso on his work: “I think now I feel at ease when I’m in the field. Me and my team are quite sure that we’ll get a good result.”

Gattuso on the received calls: “I’ve got many calls and messages from Terim, Sakki, Capello, Kannavaro. In the evening they sent me a photo, it depicted me as a mafioso from Gomorrah, I switched off the phone at once (smiling).”

Gattuso about Coutrone: “I thoroughly control the training process. Patrick starts along with other forwards. He is one of those , who never gives up. He plays ardently. We need players with such an  approach.”

Gattuso on a player , who is interesting to train: “Suso. They say he can play only in one position. I want to make sure whether it is true or not. I’d like to watch Kessie, he doesn’t play the way he did last year.”

Gattuso about victories: “in the European league we entered the next round. We’ll have to play in the Italian cup. It’s true , a t-shirt of Milan demands responsibility. You should remember this. There should be a big difference between victory and defeat. When you lose, you should burn yourself and in Milanello it looks like the funeral.”

Gattuso on something he can give Milan: “72 points are being played out. You cannot behave like someone temporary. I know that some people don’t like me. Who am I? I’m one of those , who live a game, who is alive. When I’m out in the field, I feel goose bumps just like at the times when I was a player.”

Gattuso on identity of Milan: “I make my conclusions on the basis of what I see during the week. Some players are very important, but all of them have to work hard.”

Gattuso on the training: “we follow some parameters, we control during the training process. Tomorrow there will be physical exercises. Then we’ll start preparing for the match. I warned the team in advance and told them not to resent, making a scandal in case some abusive words slip out of my mouth.”

Gattuso about the received advices: “everybody advised me to be tougher”.

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