Gianluca Zambrotta: “Gattuso reminds me of Capello”

A former player of Milan Gianluca Zambrotta commented on the appointment of Gattuso for La Gazzetta dello Sport.

– are you surprised with the fact that Gattuso is the head of Milan now?

“not much, taking into account his loyalty and experience. A replacement of a coach doesn’t seem  unexpected, the club spent a lot of money in summer, there were big plans in consideration, but the team faced some troubles. Now the players need a new motivation. I was a coach too and I know that he is the first, who pays for mistakes. I’m sorry for Montella, he is a good specialist, I like watching his teams play. But I’m very glad for Rino. He gave much to Milan and took much from the club, he knows the history of the team and realizes what the spirit of Milan is.”

– and it is that spirit , which should help Milan cope with the difficulties?

“Gattuso will let players understand what it means to be the part of Milan, what responsibility falls on them, when they put on this uniform. I used to play in Juventus, Barcelona, but Milan is something completely different. On the other hand, it’s much harder when things go wrong. Rino is able to cheer the team up.”

– Gattuso said that playing wholeheartedly and showing temper was not the only method of his. What else can he give to Milan?

“decisiveness and character go in addition to anything else. Gattuso puts himself at the disposal of the team. It was in Pisa, OFI, Palermo. There is nothing he is afraid of, this quality is significant for a coach. He goes beyond an ordinary motivation, he can get the best out of those, he collaborates with. We studied coaching together in Coverciano. You can trust me – Gattuso is very well prepared in terms of tactics.”

– what about experience?

“there is always a problem with it in Italy. Either you work with the same coaches or you stop ridiculing inexperienced young specialists , creating problems for them. The difference between Milan in the past and Milan in the present is that the team is new and young. In this situation it needs a person, who knows the club and its history well.”

– who does Gattuso remind you of among coaches you happened to work with?

“I’ve known Rino for a long time as a player, not as a coach. I think he hasn’t changed much that’s why I’d compare him to Capello. Both of them are charismatic and don’t feel ashamed to express what they think at the moment. Both of them worry about their work, they live a game.”

– could you imagine that Rino would become a coach?

“ some players remind us of coaches when they play. There were such people among my team-mates – Gvardiola, Conte, Deschamps. Gattuso was the team’s leader. But if you think it over it’s not surprising. Perhaps it was quite predictable he would become a good coach.”

– how good?

“I hope that the players will be ready to throw themselves into fire for his sake just like he said. There are many ways to win: Capello, Lippi, Ancelotti won in different ways. It’s hard to say which method is the best, but I’m sure that Gattuso has the special one to help his team.”

– do you think that will last long?

“he’s got time to lead the team out of crisis but a lot of things depend on the authorities. Participating in the European league, then fighting for the Champions league or scudetto are the tasks that can be fulfilled. I wish Rino to start a cycle as long as possible.”

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