Cristiano Ronaldo Biography

The life story, the biography of Cristiano Ronaldo is a classic story about a poor rootless boy from the outskirts of civilization, who by the will of heaven became the master of the world. Ronnie – as his parents called him in his childhood – was born on February 5, 1985 in the working quarters of Santo António, that were situated on the Portuguese island of Madeira.

His father, Jose Dinis Aveiro, was a usual gardener, his mother Maria Dolores Cainyni Aveiro was a cook. The baby from the cradle was loved and cared for by the whole happy family, because he was the youngest: his brother Ugu and sisters Elma and Lilian Katia were the same age, ten years older than him. For parents, he was a special, late gift, and his long name, Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Cainyni, he received  in honor of his father’s beloved actor Ronald Reagan, who before becoming president, had time to star in 52 movies.


Cristiano Ronaldo – childhood years 

The friendly family lived in a small old shack with a tin roof, on a hill overlooking the road. The house was so tiny that the washing machine was kept on the roof, and, oddly enough, this was a sign of prosperity for Santo Antonio. “My childhood was difficult, but I never had a shortage of something,” Cristiano recalls his biography of the time. – My parents worked a lot and in general did everything, so that we, children, weren’t in need. ”

No one will be surprised now that the first gift from his father  was a  ball, which is still kept in the family as a relic. In his two years Cristiano already kicked the ball on the sunny patio, and by the age of six it turned into a passion: “When I was 5, 6, 7 years old, I always asked my mother to give me a soccer ball. Neither a bicycle, nor a computer, nor the Game Boy – I didn’t need any of this, ”Ronaldo says. His godfather Fernau Souza confirms: “As a child, he wanted to play only football. Kristijano Ronaldo was so passionate about the game that he often forgot about lunches and dinners and remained hungry. Instead of learning the lessons, he drove the ball – he simply got out of the bedroom window and ran away. ”

Indeed, the boy studied very badly, and the only thing during his school day, when he really tried, was a lunch break, because he and his friends were playing football  instead of eating.

Maria dos Santos – the first school teacher, vividly remembers the distinctive characteristics in the student’s biography number 587: “From the day  Cristiano entered the classroom door, he  loved only football. No, he participated in other events, learned songs and somehow did his homework, but all he really needed was free time for himself and his football. If a real ball was not at hand – and this often happened  – he made it of a sock. He always found a way to play. I do not know how he managed to do it. ”

It is now difficult to break through the myths that the residents of Santo António made up about the maturing of their national hero, and get to the bottom of the truth – did the boy fall for such idleness? Now it seems natural to everyone that their countryman has always played the ball. New students from the Ronaldo school are all dreaming about becoming football players and “wear T-shirts with his name and number,” Maria adds. And all the people of Madeira are waiting for him, like Santa Claus, to  drop into his homeland.

Meanwhile, when he was eight years old, Papa Jose brought him by the hand to the Andorinha children’s football team, where he himself worked as an administrator. Team president Roon Santos recalls: “The first time I saw him, he was already unusual, more developed than other players. And still, no one thought that he would achieve so much so quickly. ” The team gave Cristiano the nickname  Abelin, which means in Portuguese “bee.” “ I was small, I ran around the field a lot, in zigzags and small steps. It’s funny, but I still run like that, ”says the football player.

His another nickname was Kluivert in honour of Ronaldo’s favourite Dutch football player Patrick Kluivert, who at the age of 18 scored his first goal, and then a few more memorable and unique ones to Milan, then Juventus. “Patrick fascinated me with his game for Ajax in the Champions League final with Milan. I watched him the whole match and admired – he was so young, and played on an equal footing with strong and adult players, ” Cristiano recalls.

In general, the reference points of the young football player were correct, and in his first football team Ronaldo was already behaving like a future champion. Once “Andorinha” competed at the Madeira Youth Championship with “Camacha” for the title of the best team of the island. After the first half, “Andorinha” lost 2: 0. and during the break Cristiano sobbed out loud. And in the second half, he pulled the snot and inspired the whole team, scoring one goal and passing the second. As a result, the team won 3: 2. “Even when he was crying, he did not look like a loser,” says the team president. – He has the will for victory and strong spirit. And he always cried when he lost, there is nothing unusual about that. ”

Cristiano Ronaldo – football career

Ronaldo was 10 years old when he became the object of the first transfer in his sports career: he was bought by one of the leading teams of the island – Nacional. The future football star Ronaldo then cost them almost free of charge – for a two-year set of football uniforms and boots for Andorihna. Cristiano spent one season in black and white striped uniform and in the rank of a  captain.

His dad said: “I watched each of his matches, and these are the most cherished memories. Every time he played away from home, I was given a seat on the bus or plane. Now, when he leaves to play, we mostly talk on the phone, his career does not allow us to spend a lot of time together. ”

Even then, it was obvious that the young football player was developing with unprecedented speed: a year later at Nacional he got a three-day viewing at one of the best clubs in Portugal – Sporting. And they immediately bought a nimble player. This meant that Ronaldo, at his 11 years, was about to move to the capital.

And all by himself. “I stood quite frail and with crooked teeth in front of the coaches at the Sporting Academy,” Cristiano says. “They said,“ You’re a good player, but so fat … ”A nightmare. This is not true. In the children’s league, I was one of the smallest in the team. One day, encouraged by my mother, I convinced myself that if I ate two bowls of soup and all other dishes in double size, it would accelerate my growth. And it worked. I don’t know what it was in my soup, but in two years I became tall enough. When I started playing in the first team of the Sporting, I was still skinny, but my height was 178 cm . ”

In general, the young footballer was not satisfied with the new life. Firstly, nobody understood him in the capital, because on the island of Madeira there is a very peculiar pronunciation. Secondly, he was terribly teased for it. “Portuguese is very rich in accents and shades, you can immediately distinguish a person from Porto from a resident of Lisbon, a visitor from the south from a northerner, a resident of the coast from people from the central regions. But Madeira is something special, the player recalls. – My first day at school was truly awful.

I mostly spent time with a guy from Monte Gordo, who also had an accent. I understood almost nothing of what he said, he probably didn’t understand me as well. So we held on  together. I remember once I happened to go to school alone. I was a little late, and the teacher  started a roll call. She called my name, and when I answered, the children from behind began to laugh out loud, mimicing my accent. Of course, such a reaction confused me a lot. ”

Soon “a cheerful, obedient and good comrade,” according to a teacher from elementary school, turned into a serious and angry little boy. He was very angry and even threw chairs at the offenders. “It was very strange that absolutely no one understood me,” Ronaldo said. – Several times I had the feeling that I was speaking some other language. As soon as I opened my mouth, they immediately began to laugh and mock around. I felt like a perfect clown and cried with shame. I called my mom and said I wanted to go home. ”

Cristiano was soothed not so much with the telephone calls that were allowed to make two or three times a week but with the fact that he was not the only one who felt sad and sobbed. However, fights with mockers took place almost daily. In addition, Ronaldo did not want to accept the rules of the team. Once, he responded to the customary duty of students to wash the dishes with a shout: “I came here to play football, not to turn into a maid.” As punishment, he was obliged to take out garbage for a whole week, but Cristiano rebelled and, as a result, was not allowed into the international children’s tournament. This made him a little bit wiser.

In addition, soon the authorities of “Sporting” admitted that Cristiano really needed support and sent for his mother to live nearby. As a result, Ronaldo became humble: “I cried every day, but I liked staying there. I learned a lot, especially how to live under pressure. ”

And not only that. After all, but essentially, Cristiano got into the football factory. The club “Sporting” has its own football academy Alkochete, one of the largest in Europe.

This is the best place for young talents, where coaches, educators, psychologists and doctors work with each pupil, monitoring all aspects of his life, controlling and directing growth.

The head of the Sporting Club, Marques de Freitas, explains: “In essence, Cristiano is a product of the laboratory, the result of the scientific work. For example, doctors conducted a survey of Ronaldo’s bones density  to find out how tall he would grow. Because  it is important to limit the time of playing football for the tall players, when the backbone is formed. Analysis showed, that he would grow to 187 cm. ” By the way, now Cristiano is 186.5 cm tall.

In general, for six years the professionals from Alkathlete  built his body before releasing him on the field. When the 17-year-old Ronaldo was finally allowed to play, he rushed into battle and managed to go through all four stages of the football academy in one season: he played for teams under 16, under 17, under 18, then as a substitute and finally got into the main one. In the history of the Sporting Club, there were no more such players.

He started working in the adult team as a boy, giving the balls: “They paid me 5 euros per game, but I would do it for free. Money meant nothing – it was important to be closer to the field, ” Ronaldo says. In that year, he became a player in the main team. In the first game of the club, Ronaldo quickly scored two goals, and Sporting won 3-0.

“At the age of 18 he was already an adult, a real personality, a unique person: football is life, passion and pleasure for him,” concludes Marches de Freitas. We must pay tribute to Cristiano: he really matured early and did not catch a star disease. He didn’t spend his first serious money on entertainment, but helped his Brother Ugu instead, who tried to recover from drug addiction for many years. Since then Ugu has become an artist and decorator by profession, he finally fought this harmful addiction.

Eighteen years became the happiest time in his biography. That year, the English club Manchester United came to Portugal for training camps and held a friendly match with Sporting. To their amazement, the “red devils” lost 3-1, and especially  young Ronaldo annoyed them.

And if, on his way to Lisbon, the captain of “Manchester” Roy Keane mumbled about “damn foreign milk-suckers”, then on the way back he was the first to persuade the coach to take Ronaldo.  Alex Ferguson did it immediately, paying 12.24 million pounds for the 18-year-old Portuguese. And thus he turned into a “father” and mentor of Cristiano for the next six years. A week later, Cristiano flew to England, where the same language problems awaited him: “When I moved to Manchester, I didn’t speak English at all. But it turned out to be not so scary, because I already had a rich Lisbon experience in finding common language with my teammates. ”

“When there were rumors that he was going to Manchester, we could not believe it,” says Ronaldo’s sister Liliana Katia. – But everything happened very quickly. He was on the front pages of newspapers, on television. It was crazy. At the same time, Cristiano himself was calm, as if he was used to being in the center of attention. ”

In Manchester United,  first of all Ronaldo asked for the number 28,  he played in Sporting with this number. But he received a “seven” instead – the number that belonged to the legends of the English club – George West. Brian Robson, Eric Cantone and David Beckham. “This famous T-shirt with number 7 became an additional source of motivation for me,” recalls the player. “I was forced to live up to expectations after such honor was shown to me.”

And he immediately did. His debut was very bright. He entered the field at the second hour of intense play, when Manchester lost to Bolton with a score of 1: 0. sent two balls into the opponent’s goal and scored a penalty. The audience applauded him standing. The next day, all the newspapers already called him one of the best players in the entire history of Manchester. The potential of the young player was obvious to the specialists. “He can achieve everything he wants as a footballer,” said his compatriot and a graduate of the same football academy, Luis Figo.

In the meantime, Ronaldo suddenly became the most expensive teenager footballer in Britain: Manchester United paid a truly huge reward to the young talent – 12 million pounds  for two seasons of playing at the club. Ronaldo’s money was primarily spent on his family. He boldly hired one of the best architects in the world – Eduardo Souto de Moura, who was awarded the Pritzker Prize, and ordered a project for a house in Madeira, where his parents settled down later.

In Manchester, CR7 bought another house, where he placed his cousins ​​Nuno and Jose, who help Ronaldo with administrative issues. He arranged for Sister Liliana Katia in a cabaret, where she sings under the stage name Ronalda, and Elma received her chain of boutiques with the trade name CR7 – according to her brother’s initials and his number in the club.

The following years Ronaldo had a great success. He played for the Portuguese national team at Euro 2004, and although the Portuguese lost to the Greeks, Cristiano himself received the title of the best young player in the European Championship, which, by the way, did not prevent him from crying  and refusing from the silver medal that they tried to give him. His father explained: “He was angry, because he missed something , he shouldn’t have missed. It was a shock and the end of a dream. But at the same time it was  useful experience. In the long run, he will keep on playing for the national team , because he is still one of the best players. ”

A year later, Papa Jose died of cirrhosis of the liver. How Cristiano survived his death is unknown, he never spread about it. But his pedantically sober way of life became an eternal monument to his father. “Cristiano saw what alcohol did to his father,” says a family friend, “so he doesn’t even drink beer.” Perhaps he has the talent of Diego Maradona or George Best, but he is not going to repeat their mistakes. ”

Meanwhile, everything was not so smooth on the field. He always showed the best results, but the harsh British guys repeatedly booed him for the style of the game. The Portuguese was reproached for a simulation, for a provocation of a penalty, for “diving” (that is, intentional falls), with irrelevant “dances” during the game and with excessive narcissism, called him a “clown” and “woman on the field.”

It was true: Ronaldo really scoffs at the enemy during the match, constantly using dribbling (deceptive maneuvers) feints, grimaces and even indecent gestures, for which he often earned a disqualification. And although his style of play annoys many people, but it works flawlessly. “For me, whistling is already  norm. If this does not happen, I begin to think: “Why do they not boo me?” Maybe they think that if they express their disapproval, then I will lose concentration? But actually I like it. ” – Ronaldo smiles.

Nothing prevented him from remaining the best. “He plays in different ways, and that’s great,” says Ferguson. He scored 16 goals in 40 matches for Portugal. And this is at 21 years old! This is an astounding statistics, Ronaldo has no equal in speed, in attack and defense. ”

His fees grew proportionately to his praises, reaching 120 thousand pounds a week, and Cristiano Ronaldo became the highest-paid footballer in the team. A year later, he signed a new contract with Manchester United with a salary of 144,000 pounds a week, which was a record for the English club.

Fabulous wealth did not prevent him from earning elsewhere. Ronaldo signed a $ 10 million contract (record in the history of sports) with the Portuguese publishing house Ideias e Rumos to publish his autobiography. And he regularly shot for magazines – it’s not for nothing that he worked so thoroughly on his body, went to the gym, daily did his abdominals 3000 times, shaved his chest and legs, wasted tons of gel on his hair and did a pedicure.

However. Ronaldo always clarified: “I am a football player, not a model. Just need to use a favorable moment. And it is not true that I am obsessed with physical training. When I was younger, yes. But not now. With our game schedule, I don’t have much time to go to the gym. Besides, regular exercise is important for football and self-esteem. I want to be pleased with myself. ”

It goes without saying that Ronaldo used it to attract girls, who, by the way, were already circling around him. However, the boys did not lag behind: the Gay Times newspaper proclaimed the Portuguese “the most handsome man on Earth and the perfect partner.”

The footballer immediately refuted such dubious characteristics and he began to demonstrate some promiscuity in relations with women. Ronaldo got involved in one loud love affair after another – there were celebrities among his partners as well as completely unknown young ladies.

All the beauties were perfect. For example, the British actress Gemma Atkinson, with whom Cristiano dated for half a year, had not only luxurious shape, but also useful skills in the household. “I studied as a stripper for Hollyoaks (a British television soap opera.), And it works great for me,” Atkinson once said. “For Cristiano, I hid a couple of vicious movements.”

However, they broke up after the scandalous party, which  Ronaldo with colleagues Nani and Anderson arranged, celebrating another victory of his club. They took  five girls  from a well-known agency of sex services and staged a drunken orgy at Ronaldo’s villa. The next day the young ladies sold photographs and video from mobile phones to newspapers.

As a result, the agency fired the girls, and beautiful Gemma left Crit Ronaldo. He did not lose his head and, so that fans around the world did not consider what had happened as a habitual way of his life, he cheerfully reported to the newsmen: “I don’t drink alcohol, I hate smoking and absolutely not a spender. And in general, I live in a rural part of Cheshire County, and my closest neighbors are squirrels, birds and cows. I spend a lot of time at home, with my friends and family, and enjoy a peaceful life.  I often sit by candlelight to relax, because peace is very important to me. ”

Despite scandals and gossip, the next few years, Ronaldo was engaged exclusively in collecting awards and titles. It began with the title of “football player of the year” and “best young football player of 2006”, and by 2008 was supplemented with “Golden Ball”, “Golden Boots”, the title of the best football player of the world, the best forward of Europe and the best scorer of the Champions League. All trophies, which  a footballer can get in the UK, were on the shelves of Cristiano. Total about 13 individual awards for the season.

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