Marco van Basten

One of the best and the most brilliant strikers in the history of football, an outstanding technician and an artist on the field, the Dutchman Marco van Basten was born in Utrecht, in the heart of the Netherlands, on October 31, 1964. Van Basten (in the Netherlands Marco van Basten) – gold medalist of Euro 1988 and bronze Euro 1992. Continue reading

Ronaldinho. 10 short stories about life of the player

10 short stories about life of the player, who gave happy childhood to the millions of people and made many people love football

It’s impossible to draw a bright line under the Ronaldinho’s career. Though looking at his career, such a final would be the most suitable. Maestro spent two years without a contract, so the announcement about his formal retirement was not surprising. De-facto Ronnie tied up with football  a long time ago. Continue reading

Silvio Berlusconi’s history of success

Who is the best in modern Italy ? who is the wealthiest, the most influential, and public ? the most patriotic and careless ? whom do the Italians adore and at the same time curse ? A lovelace and a caring husband, a living embodiment of all sins and a zealous fighter for virtues, one of the best owners of the football club, a true Italian – Silvio Berlusconi. Continue reading