Benevento Milan 2:2

Milan has come to Benevento to win three points.

Though now Milan is going through the crisis, a replacement of the coach, but the match against the last team of Serie A, which has lost games 14 times in a row in this season until now, seemed to be pass-through.

This has been confirmed by Giaccomo Bonaventura on the 38th minute, when the player of Rossoneri  scored a goal to Benevento with his head.

The second half has somewhat cooled  confidence in a light walk for Milan, when Puskas equalized the situation on the field. But the team of Genaro Gattuso, for whom as for the coach of the red-black, this match was the premier, he controlled the game and could have implemented a few more points.

On the  57th minute Kalinic gives a head pass from Kessie and Milan is in the leading position now.

There were no reasons to expect big troubles, but on the 75th minute Alessio Romanioli let his team down, having tackled against the Benevento’s player.

As a result, Alessio goes to watch the match  outside the field, and Milan gives the initiative back to the rival.

And on the last, 95th minute of the match  a little football miracle happens. The goalkeeper of Benevento Alberto Brignoli comes in the penalty area and in a stunningly spectacular jump is sending the ball into the goal of his colleague Donnaruma.

Roberto di Dzerbi is satisfied , the players are happy, and the fans of Milan have been shocked. Unfortunately, Milan is still far from the European Cup zone and it has become the first team that managed to lose points to the last team and the main losers of this season in Italy.

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