Another portion of disgrace (Verona – Milan 3:0)

Milan and Verona confronted each other a few days ago for the Italian cup and today they had to fight in Serie A. From the first minutes guests on the rights of the favourite took an advantage and started searching for approaches to Nikola’s possessions. The first moment appeared on the 15th minute with Kalinic. The Croatian struck after  Suso made a pass, but despite the dynamics of the moment,  it was clear on the replay that the ball was not flying into the goal, and the goalkeeper’s save was in vain.

Verona answered with a goal, a pretty unexpected goal. Romulo filed from the  corner, and Karaciolo in a jump struck the ball into the goal. Let’s note  that the ball got into the frame hitting the shoulder of Donnaruma. The guests immediately began to run forward and they had several real moments to recoup. I remember the strikes of Kessie and Suso in one attack, when the ball almost hit the goal.

The second half began with the activity of Milan, but the hosts  managed to calm down the “red-black” again by taking the goal. It was built by two players who appeared in the field during the match due to injuries of their teammates. So, Moise Kean struck the corner of the goal of Milan after the flanking chamber from Bessy. Everything, as written in the textbook. Gattuso tried to change the course of the match with the help of substitutions, but it didn’t save the situation. Young Locatelli, André Silva and Cutrone did not benefit the team.

But the “mastiffs” made Gigi upset for the third time. Romulus drove into the penalty area to Bess, and he struck the ball to the exact angle – 3: 0. It was really scary to look at Gattuso and the players of Milan.  Verona is elated, the deserved victory, owing to it, the team has left the relegation zone. And  in the time compensated by the referee, Suso received a  red card. The worst and the most stupid foul that has ever happened.

As a result, Milan congratulates its fans on the 118th anniversary with the game like this and makes one worry about Gattuso’s future.

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