Alessandro Costacurta: “The dismissal of Montella was unexpected”

The legend of Milan Costacurta talks about the dismissal of Vincenzo Montella and the appointment of Rino Gattuso as a coach of the leading team.

“Montella’s dismissal was really unexpected to me mostly because it happened after the match, when we had played much better than earlier”.

“Gattuso? I’ve recently watched the game of Primavera and it seemed to me that Rino might leave the technical area and run out in the field. He’s still the same guy he used to be as a player. He’s got much experience and many people will be curious to see him as a coach.”

“the club and the fans are very demanding: that’s impermissible not to score in four matches in a row in San Siro. I haven’t talked to Rino yet. I think this dismissal will make Montella stronger”.


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